20 Nov 2015

23 May 2015


The ATMF (Arab Transfusion Medicine Forum) was established in 2004. 
The project was initiated by Dr. Gamal Gabra and assisted by Dr. Faten 
Moftah, Dr. Magdy El Kiaby and Dr. Salwa Hindawi. 
Referred initially ATMC (Arab Transfusion Medicine Course). 
It is in 2012 at the suggestion of Dr. Reem Arradwan (Kuwait) and to 
transform this entity in a company with an international status that its name 
has changed. 


  •    Educate professionals in transfusion medicine at all levels regarding the significant and updating professional issues 
  •   Establish a professional forum for training, staff development and sharing experience a structured manner on a regular basis 
  •   Provide regional opportunities for individual development for staff working in transfusion medicine and who are not able to attend and participate in formal regional activities and international meetings 


To ensure the success of this initiative, a steering committee and a small 
management team was put in place. 
The function of the Steering Committee is to provide guidance and support 
for the proposed management team strategy. 
The management team will be responsible for strategy development, its 
practical implementation and evaluation. 

Teamwork Executive Committee

  1.   Dr Gamal Gabra (coordinator 2005-2008 ) later became Honorary President
  2.   Prof Kamel Boukef (coordinator 2008 -2012) 
  3.   Dr Faten Mftah (coordinator 2008 to date) 
  4.   Dr Magdy El Kiaby 
  5.   Dr Salwa Hindawi 

Teamwork Steering Committee

  1.   Dr Nabila Metwalli, EMRO (2005 to date) 
  2.   Dr Paul Strengers, ISBT (2005 to date) 
  3.   Abdejelil Ouanaim (2008 to date) 
  4.   Dr Reem Arradwan (2008 to date ) 
  5.   Prof Ghazi Damanhouri ( 2008 to date) 
  6.   Dr Arwa awn (2009 to date)


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